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At Ball Bottling we put the same pride and quality of craftsmanship involved in making your wine into the process of bottling it. Growing up in Sonoma County we became friends with many wine makers and moving to Placer County we still have many friends in the business. Watching them pour their hearts into making wine, we also wanted to take part in the process. We offer our services to wineries of varying sizes, from those just starting out to wineries that are well established. Ball Bottling has serviced many areas from Napa County and the surrounding Sonoma County, Healdsburg to Ukiah, Placer County, Auburn and the Foothills and as far away as San Francisco. If you have wine, chances are Ball Bottling will come bottle it for you! Wineries are better served by perfecting the craft of wine making. Let us take the hassle out of the process and use the same care in bottling it for you.

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Wondering about our process and production requirements? We’ve laid it all out for you so you know what to expect from our quality services

The Ball Bottling Mobile Wine Bottling line is housed in a 34ft gooseneck trailer transported by a 1 ton pickup. Adequate working space should be allowed for access, turning and setting up the trailer, plus space behind the trailer for positioning pallets of empty glass and bottled wine. We require a hard, flat surface.

At Ball Bottling we offer a variety of services to meet your winery’s needs including: complete bottling, bottling only, and labeling only. We use a GAI 2401 Sparger and a 12 head filler which can bottle 35-45 bottles per minute and 1000 cases per day. We offer bottle sparging, light gravity vacuum filling, wine level adjustment, and vacuum corking. We use a GAI 6030 double reel labeler and provide auto foil application and foil spinning. We also offer automatic case sealing. We are a Mobile bottling line, which means we will come to you! We have serviced Napa County, Sonoma County, Placer County, Healdsburg, Ukiah, Cloverdale, Geyserville, Auburn, San Francisco and many other places.  We are ready and willing to travel to bottle your wine!

Service Details:

Complete bottling and labeling: bottle sparging, vacuum gravity filling, fill level equalizing, automatic foil application, foil spinning, and pressure sensitive front and back label application, and automatic case sealing.

Bottling only (shiners): bottle sparging, vacuum gravity filling, fill level equalizing, and vacuum corking.

Labeling: pressure sensitive front and back label application.

Daily production is reduced depending on number of change outs of lots, bottles, corks, foils, labels, etc.

Ball Bottling Work Order

Ball Bottling LLC Contract

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We accept payment in check form and payment is due at the completion of bottling.

The line requires a dedicated power source of atleast 60 amps, 240 volts, 3 phase. If your facility doesn’t have 3 phase power, a generator can be rented for the duration of our bottling needs.

Clean potable water is required with a minimum of 30psi and 10gpm via a standard hose outlet within 50 feet of the designated setup location, plus for wastewater disposal at winery’s discretion.

Wines must be “bottle ready” upon arrival. Inline filtration to the bottling line is not permitted. Wine must be 58 degrees Fahrenheit to assure proper fill and prevent condensation.

pall-logoBall Bottling uses two 30″ code 7 filter housings which can be fitted with .45 or a .65 membrane filter or 10 micron “bug catcher” filter, supplied to client at market price. All filters will be bubble point tested to assure integrity of filter. Ball Bottling supplies Pall and Millipore Filters. logo2

Ball Bottling uses an Omac positive displacement pump.

Ball Bottling uses state of the art GAI equipment in our bottling trailer. The GAI 2401 monobloc filler corker can accommodate 750mL bottles with diameters from 70mm through 89mm and height of 355mm. Cork closures can be 1 1/2 ” to 2 1/4″. We can accommodate natural and synthetic corks. Cork width can be 28mm-34mm to fit various bottle neck sizes.

Ball Bottling uses the GAI 6030  automatic capsule applicator, with a three head rotary capsule spinner or heat shrink head, when heat shrink capsules are used. Capsules can be tin, poly laminate or heat shrink material. Diameters can range from 28mm to 35mm. Capsule height is 35mm-70mm.

bb14labelBall Bottling uses a GAI 6030 duel station labeler  to accommodate double reels. The maximum outside roll width can be no more than 400mm (15 3.75 in). The width of the core of the roll can be from 40mm to 76mm. Label height maximum is 130mm. Labels should have a minimum 3mm-5mm space between each label, maximum 30mm. This picture displays how labels should be wound. It is industry standard number 4 and 8, which is left off first. This picture displays a number 8 wound label. Ball Bottling can accommodate labels on a single reel or labels on a double reel for your convenience.

The winery is responsible for appointing one person, the Winery Contact Person, to be responsible for decisions regarding sanitation and sterilization, label position, cork depth, wine fill height, bottle vacuum etc. and supplying the bottling operation with requested bottling supplies. The winery is to provide 7 personnel able to perform physically demanding work. 1 person to dump glass on the dump table 2 people to pack product into cases 1 person to case label and date stamp cases (labeler and stamp are provided by winery) 2 people to stack finished product on pallets 1 forklift and experienced driver 1-2 additional staff if hand foiling is requested. We offer automatic case sealing at a charge which will eliminate one person from the required amount of people needed if you choose to use it.

At Ball Bottling,we are constantly monitoring equipment functions and packaging materials to insure overall quality, however the Winery Contact Person is responsible for insuring the overall quality control of the wines and packaging. The Winery Contact Person is responsible for providing and insuring the monitoring of O2, SO2, fill height, cork insertion, vacuum levels, proper label placement and overall package quality and accuracy on a timely and regular basis. In the event of a problem the Winery Contact Person is responsible for communicating immediately the situation to the winery provided staff. Ball Bottling is committed to consistent quality control and is dedicated to ensuring the finished product meets and exceeds the highest of standards and expectations.

Ball BottlingBall Bottling takes great care in the cleaning and sterilization process to ensure our equipment is in excellent condition. We steam clean our filling components for 60 minutes at 220 degrees before and after each job to maintain sterility of the bottling line. Our corking jaws are cleaned and inspected prior to bottling to ensure proper working order and to prevent scaring  to maintain the integrity of the corks.

Ball Bottling reserves the right to retain two bottles per wine lot for quality assurance purposes. Ball Bottling assumes no responsibility for the biological stability of bottle product.


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